International Banking, Finance and Insurance Law

This area of specialization off ers in-depth further training in national and international financial market law and examines the current private-law and regulatory fundamentals and framework conditions of banking, insurance and fi nance law.
The fi rst part deals with the Swiss, European and international framework conditions of the fi nancial markets for banks, investment services and insurance companies.
The focus is on international organizations and their regulatory frameworks, the fundamentals of sectoral regulation and the characteristics of the most important
financial markets.
In the second part, an in-depth look is taken at the regulation of market participants, financial services and the marketing of these products and the relevant treaties.

▪ Module 1: Institutional framework conditions for banks, investment services and insurance
▪ Module 2: Market participants, products and distribution


The specialization can also be attended as a certification (CAS) course.

Module 1: General Conditions Duration Credits
  • FSB, BIS, IMF and related bodies
  • Principles of banking regulations: General and Switzerland
  • Principles of European banking regulations: General and Switzerland
  • Principles of European insurance Regulations
  • Principles of Swiss and European securities regulations
  • Money laundry and terrorism
  • The Swiss National Bank and aspects of international cooperation
  • FINMA and its practice
  • International assistance in administrative and criminal matters
  • Financial markets (CH / London, NY, Frankfurt)
70 Lectures 10 ECTS
Module 2: Market Participants, Products, Distribution Duration Credits
  • Consumer protection / data protection
  • Regulatory environment of a bank and securities dealer
  • Bank contracts and transactions
  • Specific international banking transactions
  • Regulatory environment of an insurance company
  • Insurance contracts ans transactions
  • Reinsurance
  • Specific international insurance transactions
  • Mutual funds
  • Securities
60 Lectures 10 ECTS

The specialization courses are only offered with a sufficient number of participants.